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AMC Granite India

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AMC Granite India is a Leading Marble and Granite Manufacturer and Exporter. We are Exporting Marble , Granites , Slates , Sandstone , Mosaic Tiles. We have our own manufacturing units in udaipur Rajasthan India. we are exporting Marble , Granites , Sandstones , Slates , Mosaic tiles in all over the world. we have 2 gangsaw units and 3 Granite cutter in udaipur Rajasthan India. we are one of the prominent supplier of marble , Granite , sandstones , natural stone tiles. on time delivery of natural stones is our key to success. we are exporting our Marble , Granite , sandstone more than 72 countries. we are providing best quality of Marble , Granite , Sand stones , Mosaic tiles in various sizes. we are supplying cutter size granites , Marble , sandstone in 20 MM , 30 MM , 18 MM. we have our own italian Line polisher , and resin plant so we are confidently providing quality of Marble , Granite , Slates , Mosaic tiles in all over the world. we have more than 130 well trained human resource so that we are able to provide material with in a time. we also have our own Quarry of Green Marble , Rajasthan black Granite , Pwhite Granite Quarry so that our customers can get all types of quality in Marble and Granites , slates. we are also producing Gangsaw size slabs 240 cm up x 120 cm up and we have options of 20 MM and 30 MM , 18 MM thickness. As per customer requirements we can provide material. we are one of the best quality producer of Marble , Granite , Sandstone. we have 2 factories in India 1 in north India and 2nd factory in south india ongole district. we are regularly producing Green Marble , Pink Marble , White Marble , Fantasy brown Marble , Rainforest Green , Rainforest Brown , Rainforest Gold Marble , Indian onyx . In the category of granite we are producing Black Galaxy , Steel grey , Black Pearl , Pwhite , crytal yellow , tiger skin , Lakha red , Rajasthan Black , viscount white , colonial white , colonial gold , Absolute black , Tan brown granite. we are producing every month 60,000 sqft. Marble and Granite in india. we are also producing slates we have various varieties of slates zeera Green , deoli Green , copper slate , zak black , kund multi , silver grey , silver shine in various sizes and thickness.

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Rainforest Green Marble 

Rainforest Green Marble Rainforest Green Marble is also one of the best quality of Marble availble in india. Rainforest green Marble is Green color base with variety of veins in slabs. Rainforest Gr...
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