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We AMC Granite India , Manfacturer and Exporter of Fantasy Brown Marble. We have our Own Line Polishing Machines and Gangsaw Unit. we are regularly processing and Exporting Fantasy Brown Marble. we are situated in Udaipur Rajasthan India. we have 100, 000 sqft Area for Processing and Stock of Fantasy Brown Marble. We are processing Gangsaw size slabs and 30 MM thickness of fantasy brown Marble. we are processing light color of fantasy brown Marble. our Best quality of processing help us to grow in national and international Market. we have autometic line Polishing plant and own gangsaw unit so we are delivering on time.
we AMC Granite India , Manufacturer and Exporter of Platenium white Granite. Famous name is Pwhite Granite. which is useful in flooring , counter top , steps. we are processing Pwhite from last 10 years. we are producing every month 50, 000 sqft Pwhite Granite. we are supplying in international and domestic market. we have various varieties of Pwhite Granite we have gangsaw size slabs , cutter size slabs , counter tops of P white Granite.
We AMC Granite India , Manufacturer and Exporter of Green Marble. we have various Patterns of Green Marble. we are continuously manufacturing and Exporting Green Marble slabs in 20 MM and 30 MM thickness. our Best quality of Green Marble is highly demanding in international and National Market. we are processing green Marble on our automatic line polishing plant so that we are able to provide material on time. we have ocean Green Marble , Spider Green Marble , Forest Green Marble. and Many types of Green Marble pattern available in our factory.
AMC Granite and Marble processing and Exporting Black Galaxy Granite in international Market. we are processing cutter slabs of Black galaxy Granite in 20 MM polish slabs. we are also processing gangsaw size slabs 300 cm length and 200 cm in height. we are also manufacturing cut to size ties of black galaxy granite. we are regularly manufacturing and Exporting black galaxy granite. we are prominent supplier and Exporter of Black galaxy granite. we have all types of varieties of black galaxy granite premium quality of Black galaxy , commercial quality of black galaxy , Good Quality of black Galaxy Granite. all types of varieties are available in our factory.
# Grey Quartzite Slabs and Blocks Available at AMC Granite India. #AMC Granite India is Quarry owner and Exporter of Grey Quartzite slabs and Blocks. we have different sizes of Grey Quartzite blocks and slabs of Grey Quartzite. we are processing Gangsaw size blocks and cutter size block of Grey Quartzite. We have Quarry of Grey Quartzite in Rajasthan India. Our best Quality of block is highly demanding in international Market. we are one of the prominent Exporter of Grey Quartzite blocks. we have different varities of Grey Quartzite blocks. we are processing plain color Grey Quartzite blocks , Black Line Grey Quartzite blocks. we are also producing cutter size grey quartzite blocks length will be 300 cm and height will be 65-75-85 cm , thickness 18 MM , 20 MM , 30 MM as per customer requirement we can processed.
#Granite Exporter and Dealer in India. AMC Granite India is a Best Quality of Granite Exporter in India. AMC Granite Manufacturing and Processing all kinds of Granite. AMC Granite is Manufacturing and Processing Black Galaxy Granite , Steel Grey Granite , Tan Brown Granite , Black Pearl Granite. AMC Granite id supplying and Exporting Granite from India to all over the world. AMC Granite is a processor and Exporter of Granite. AMC Granite Manufacturing and Processing all kinds of Granite from south india and also from north india. P white Granite , Lakha Red Granite , Crystal Yellow Granite , R Black Granite , S White Granite , Tiger skin Granite. This are regular colors of Granite. AMC Granite Regularly manufacturing and Processing. AMC Granite it is one of the Prominent Exporter and Manufacturer of Granite. AMC Granite supply Gangsaw size slabs , Cutter size slabs , cut to size tiles of Granite. AMC Granite have own Line Polishing Plant and Gangsaw cutting unit in South India and North India, AMC Granite it is one of the Best Quality of Granite Manufacturer and Supplier and Exporter from India. AMC Granite Delivering on time , AMC Granite also processing and Polishing Quality According to International standards. Skilled work force and Best Quality of Granite is always available at AMC Granite India,
Indian Onyx Supplier and Exporter Manufacturer We AMC Marbles and Granites manufacturer of indian onyx. we have our own plant and Machines for manufacturing and processing of Indian onyx we are quarry and Exporter of indian onyx we are exporting indian onyx in all over the world, we are also supplying in projects our indian onyx stone is world famous for onyx. we have 3 quarries of indian onyx and green Marble. Indian onyx base is white with green veins. This one of the best Quality of onyx available in india. we are Exporting Indian onyx from last 18 years. we are one of the prominent Exporter of indian onyx from india. Our best quality of processing and packaging of indian onyx it is attraction point for our international buyers. We are processing Indian onyx 20 MM and 30 MM in both thickness.
Rainforest Brown Marble India rainforest Brown Marble is Manufactured and Processed in india. It is Brown color marble available in 20 MM and 30 MM Gangsaw size slabs. It is one of the best Quality and unique Marble available in indian Market. This Marble is highly demanding product in International Market also. Rainforest brown Marble is one of the premium quality of Marble available in Indian market. If you have any inquiry for purchasing of rainforest brown Marble feel free to contact us.