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#Lakha Red Granite Lakha Red Granite it is a type of Granite which is found in Rajasthan State India. Lakha Red Granite its a red color Granite which is used for flooring wall cladding and kitchen counter tops. Lakha red Granite it is very hard rock and very beautiful granite. Lakha red is available at AMC Granite India. Lakha red granite is processed and manufactured by AMC Granite India in udaipur Rajasthan India, Lakha red granite is available in 18MM thickness , 20 MM thickness , 30 MM thickness and also available in cut to size tiles. Lakha red it is a one of the best kind of granite available in india we are regulalry manufacturing and supplying lakha red granite from udaipur Rajasthan india. Lakha red it is one of the best option those people who like red color granite. Lakha red is one of the best option in red color granite.
Rainforest Brown Marble India rainforest Brown Marble is Manufactured and Processed in india. It is Brown color marble available in 20 MM and 30 MM Gangsaw size slabs. It is one of the best Quality and unique Marble available in indian Market. This Marble is highly demanding product in International Market also. Rainforest brown Marble is one of the premium quality of Marble available in Indian market. If you have any inquiry for purchasing of rainforest brown Marble feel free to contact us.